001: Welcome to the First Episode of the World-Class Leader Show

My name is Andrea Petrone and I am very excited to launch this podcast I hope you are going to like it and find it insightful for your work.

Well, the reason why I decided to launch this podcast and call it World-Class Leader Show is because I think it’s the time to raise our standards because that’s what the current uncertainty requires.

This is why average or good is not enough anymore. As leaders, we have to step up our game and be ready to change either the way we think, work or lead and manage our people.

So, I believe the market desperately needs a new world-class of leaders and great organizations that are able to make bold changes, stop accepting mediocrity and getting just average results.

For this reason, on this podcast, I want to instill a sense of urgency in any of us to challenge ourselves and our thinking because we can, you can, reach optimal performance and leave the average behind.

I tell you what. I am disappointed because I come across too often with average. I know. Leaders, teams and organizations are under an incredible amount of pressure to deliver great results and they often struggle in doing it.

So they have often the tendency to accept average results not because they want it, but because they don’t know how to achieve greatness in their work and business.

So, this is the time to build a new generation of world-class leaders who will be able to lead us through this big uncertainty, build great businesses and develop high-performance organizations and workplaces.

This is what this show is about. Inspiring you to reach greatness and giving you the ideas and the tools to get there.

So…this is the plan.

To do that, we are going to deconstruct the success of world-class leaders and high-achievers by sharing their insights, stories, strategies, ideas and tactics that can inspire you to step up the leadership game and become a high-performer winner in your business and organization.

In terms of topics, during the journey, we are going to talk about leadership of course, but we are going to deep dive into important areas like clarity, mindset, motivation, performance, productivity, influence and communication, build relationships, leading and managing team, culture, workplace, strategy and expansion and much more.

An important role will be neuroscience, not just because is my passion but also because there is a proven and strong correlation between how the brain works and our level of performance.

In other words, we won’t leave any stone unturned.

I am not going to be alone in this journey though.

We’re going to alternate with me speaking in solo shows and top-notch international guests from large and medium companies, startups, best-selling authors, researchers and scientists who are leaders in their field of studies.

I hope I make you excited because I really am!

Now…who is the ideal audience for this show?

It’s CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Board members, Executives, and Managers who want to grow and join the executive table. But also founders of organizations who are willing to grow and scale their business.

Now, let me tell you a bit more about me.

My name is Andrea Petrone, I am Italian but I have been leaving in London, in the UK since 2013.

What do I do? I am a High Performance and Leadership Advisor, Certified Executive and Neuroscience Coach, International Speaker and I am planning to write my first book that hopes it will be written next year.

My story is quite interesting I think and it might give you an idea of why I do what I do.

So, more than 20 years ago, after graduation I started my career in the oil and gas industry, working for a large contractor in the drilling space. After just a few months in Milan, I was assigned to my first (of the many) international projects. I went to West Africa (a small island called Equatorial Guinee), spent most of my time on a semisubmersible rig in the middle of the ocean, but after that I built up my career quite quickly to the extent that I became a manager just after two years while I was in Egypt at that time where I stayed 5 years.

And then I moved around as many like who work in the oil and energy industry.

After some work between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, I returned to Italy for another 4 years where I ended it up managing teams first and then an entire organization.

And then abroad again. Went to Norway and then end it up in the UK in 2013 joining a fantastic consulting company called Epeusspecialised in project risk management in the energy industry.

But in all of these years, I really had the fortune to work with (few) great leaders but most of my experience has been in very challenging situations where the pressure was often very high and the performance was often too low, at least according to my standards.

So I really started to study leadership early on in my career to identify patterns and understand what works and what doesn’t in specific situations.

So I developed for years this passion for high-performance and, after being certified as an executive and neuroscience coach, three years ago I launched my leadership advisory practice with the goal to help other leaders and organizations to implement what I learned to reach greatness.

That’s about me

Now. A few more details about the show and what’s coming.

There will be weekly episodes for now. As I said, we’ll alternate solo and interview shows and try to be consistent.

By the way, no scripts. No interviews but conversation. This is what I want to do, as I want you to enjoy this time with me and feel part of the show too.

See this show as a private and safe community where we can be all honest, pragmatic, and blunt if necessary. This is our lounge where we are all here to learn and get inspired.

About guests, I have a lineup already of great minds and I am so excited to bring them on but if you think that someone in your network should be invited to my show, please let me know. You can connect with me on Linkedin or Twitter or email me.

And if you want to contact me via email, do it also for sharing your ideas about this podcast. Tell me what you want me to cover, send me your comments at the end of each episode etc.

You can write to [email protected] I read personally my email, so no filter no worries.

And if you’re a little bit more curious about what I do and what my clients say, feel free to have a look at my website www.andreapetrone.com

Finally, I’ll be very happy if you follow the podcast now, share it with friends and colleagues, and review it on Apple if you find the episodes insightful.

It’s the end for now but I look forward to seeing you in the next episode!

Bye for now.

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