009: Why M&As Fail and How to Fix This With Jennifer J. Fondrevay

One of the primary reasons that a merger may fail is less about strategic, operational, or financial fit. Rather, it may be that the two companies’ embedded cultures cannot be easily aligned. Some issues may surface during the due diligence phase but identifying how the cultures are going to work together is paramount.

In this episode, Andrea invites Jennifer Fondrevay, the founder and Chief Humanity Officer of Day1 Ready, a consultancy that advises forward-thinking business leaders, owners, and C-suite executives on how to prepare for and manage the people’s challenges of business transitions, particularly mergers and acquisitions. As a Fortune 500 C suite-marketing executive, Jennifer shares her M&A expertise as a contributor to Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Forbes Thrive global, and many other publications.

Jennifer describes her best-selling book, “NOW WHAT?: A Survivor’s Guide for Thriving Through Mergers and Acquisitions” as both a Survivors’ Handbook and an Executives’ Playbook.

By listening to this show, you will learn:

  • There are mutual benefits in employing humility, respect, and understanding.
  • There needs to be acceptance of the change occurring within the workforce.
  • How to retain critical talent in the workplace.
  • Why it is important to lead by example.

To connect with Jennifer Fondrevay, you can reach out via LinkedIn or through her website: https://jenniferjfondrevay.com/

Follow Jennifer on Twitter, @jjfondrevay

You may also want to read her Amazon best-selling book: “NOW WHAT?: A Survivor’s Guide for Thriving Through Mergers and Acquisitions”.

Read the full article about our interview here: Why M&As Fail and How to Fix This – Andrea Petrone

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