010: How to Take Ownership of Your Results

The dilemma we face amongst teams is that we believe responsibility and ownership is the same thing, when in fact it is not. Developing a strong sense of ownership will create the highest level of commitment to producing results and not just to complete a task.

It is important to note that you cannot be effective if you do not have the drive. You can use this drive to make a difference and start creating a mentality that is results-driven. The best way to achieve this is through taking ownership and avoiding similar problems in the future.

“Taking responsibility for your work is a given – taking responsibility for an outcome is great leadership.”  

In this episode, Andrea shares with the audience some practical strategies on:

  1. The difference between responsibility and ownership & why they are important
  2. Why does having a strong sense of ownership will invite successful results
  3. How the difference between the two can enable your result-driven success
  4. How your team members drive and motivation can have an effect on your results
  5. Five steps to help you build ownership within your role

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