011: How to lead organizational change successfully with Lavinia Thanapathy

Adapting to the change in the workplace is usually a difficult adjustment for us because we are accustomed to our habits. People are often not looking for the change that is happening to them, and this will be the reason behind negative feelings. 

Our guest today is Lavinia Thanapathy. Lavinia is a change champion and a professional speaker on the people aspect of change. During the Coronavirus pandemic, Lavinia was named one of the leading LinkedIn voices for thought leadership on change and adaptability. A lawyer by training and a branding expert by profession, Lavinia is the co-author of the bestselling book “Unleash Your Voice: Powerful Public Speaking for Every Woman”. Presently based in Berlin, Germany, Lavinia is also the founding chair for the “Inspiring Girls” organization in Singapore.

In this podcast, we will touch on the problems with leading change and what we can do to make it successful.

By listening to this show, you will learn how:

1)Managing the organizational change and understanding the connections people make during these times
2) Addressing the difference between imposed and opportunistic change
3) Tap on the culture element
4) Anticipate and prepare for change
5) Five key ideas for successful initiatives

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