012: Why your employees need more dopamine to fall in love with your company

Retaining talent within the organization has become a major concern. This is because leaders have not yet found a way to balance appreciation amongst employees to maintain and retain talent. 

Dopamine does not only increases people’s moods, energy, and focus but increases the motivation of people. We need to reimagine the traditional ways of rewarding people to create an environment that they love and want to be a part of.

In this episode, Andrea shares with the audience some practical strategies that are backed by science on: 

  1. How the internal drive within people has changed.
  2. Why do social interactions have a greater effect on people?
  3. Ways you can introduce novelties in your team.
  4. Why it is important to know your employees on a personal level.
  5. The best way to maintain a dopamine spike through timeliness.

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