067: The Five Biggest Insights I Learned from Great Leaders

You Can Achieve Your Success

But in order to do that, one of the best things that I can offer to you today is maybe sharing some reflection and observation that I had in the last couple of weeks during holidays. Based on all the conversation that actually I had in 2022 with all amazing guests that are invited on the show, I found interesting that most of them shared very similar approach to leadership, to success, to personal development.

For this episode of ‘The World Class Leaders Show’, one of the best things that I can do today as a starting, is share with you what I identified essentially five main similar patterns when I interviewed my guest and see whether they resonate with you, but most importantly, whether they might be important or helpful for you right now to unlock your potential and also making sure that you have some sort of guidelines or principles that you can use for 2023 to achieve the level of success that you certainly have in mind.

By listening to this podcast episode, you will learn more about:

(05:16) Lesson #1: Great leaders don’t have regrets about their past.

(08:02 ) Lesson #2: They have been able to adapt and pivot many times during their career.

(11:20) Lesson #3:Success is proportionate to the quality and support received by their team.

(13:28) Lesson #4: Great leaders don’t complain about circumstances around them.

(16:01) Lesson #5: Great leaders spent a lot of time understanding themselves.


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