068: Team Alignment To Burn Down Silos and Improve Performance with Mauro Ghilardi

Our ability to work together depends on one thing: TEAM’S SUCCESS

But team alignment isn’t easy to achieve. Some members might have conflicting or competing priorities, while others might have misaligned goals and objectives or be stretched thin because of their workloads.

It can be difficult to get everyone to agree on common goals, but this is what makes teamwork possible. Leaders who want their teams to work together effectively need a clear picture of where everyone stands, and the same is true for businesses looking to get maximum results out of their diverse workforce.

For this episode of ‘The World Class Leaders Show’, I invited Mauro Ghilardi, Chief People and Transformation Officer of A2A. He shared the Importance of Aligning Individual, Team, and Organizational Goals for Success!


By listening to this podcast episode, you will learn more about:

(06:52) How Great Leaders Align Their Team 

(08:26) Uncovering True Motivation

(15:34) How Great Leaders understand what motivates people 

(19:34) Individual Motivation vs. Team Motivation 

(21:30 ) How do bold vision and goals help people to be motivated?

(25:14) How to Eliminate Organizational Silos 

(31:02 ) Job Rotation Advantages And Disadvantages

(35:17) How to Protect Your Team From a Toxic Work Culture

(41:48) Ways Leaders Can Connect and Mobilize Team Members

(47:34) Mauro’s Key takeaways in his career



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The Infinite Game – Simon Sinek


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