072: How to Make an Impact as a CEO with Jason Salfi

The success of the company depends largely on how well its CEO creates a work environment that can drive innovation and productivity. Employees often look to the CEO for creating and maintaining the culture of their organization.

So then, as a CEO, you have the power to make an impact. But how do you set your company on the right path?

For episode 072 of my podcast, ‘The World Class Leaders Show’, I invited Jason Salfi. He is the Co-founder and CEO of Dimensional Energy, a revolutionary company that makes sustainable fuels and products from carbon dioxide and renewable energy. 

Salfi has served as an Innovation Advisor for New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). In 1997 Salfi founded Comet Skateboards, a founding B Corporation he licensed in 2014. His experience as a manufacturer led him to consult on product design standards and acquisition strategy, building profitable and regenerative business models for a market-leading fortune 500 company from 2015-2017 before founding Dimensional Energy.  


By listening to this podcast episode, you will learn more about:

(01:51) Jason’s Definition of Impact

(05:27) The Idea Behind Dimensional Energy 

(10:48) How to build the Future of the Business 

(14:25) How Jason’s Leadership Has Changed?

(17:34) Dealing With the Transition From Founder to CEO

(20:46) How To Protect Your Culture While Growing

(26:25) Working With a Co-founder and the Importance of Collaboration

(29:56) What Is the Biggest Misconception About Being a CEO?

(35:39) Being Open to Mentorship and Mentors

(38:35) What Would You Have Done Differently Across Your Career?



Website: http://www.dimensionalenergy.com/ 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasonsalfi/ 

Book Mentioned: “The Ministry for the Future” by Kim Stanley Robinson

“Parable of the Talents” by Octavia E. Butler


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