073: I Became a CEO. Here Is What Helped Me To Get There So Early

Success Always Leaves Footprints

I had a lot of reflections lately about my personal career on how I became a CEO at 35 years old, which is honestly remarkable. It’s been really a fast-track career. So many clients ask me How can I go further in my career? How can I step in? How can I elevate myself? How can I become a CEO myself? Here are some footprints to help you on your journey toward success.

For this episode of ‘The World Class Leaders Show,’ I will share tips and pieces of advice, and I put them all together in one single episode and see whether they resonate with you. And hopefully, they can give you some ideas on how you can actually progress in your career because we all have blind spots. So maybe one of these five areas going to share with you today is going to be more useful than others.

By listening to this podcast episode, you will learn more about:

(05:06) Lesson #1: I Didn’t Really Choose an Easy Path

(07:07) Lesson #2: I Look For Challenges and Trouble

(08:18) Lesson #3: I Help My Boss To Succeed

(09:37) Lesson #4: I Build My Professional Network From Day One

(11:21) Lesson #5: I Never Became Complacent


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