078: How to Stop the Fear of Decision Making in Your Team

Andrea has witnessed many organisations struggling with decision making and, in this episode, offers great insight into why this is and more importantly, what you can do to stop this happening to yourself, your team and your organisation and continue to lead effectively.


  • Even team members who appear to be engaged can struggle with making decisions

  • The uncertainty of the world, particularly economically adds complexity to decision making and this can impact individuals’ confidence, even those who are experienced.

  • It’s easy to make decisions when you are in your comfort zone but disruption and innovation never comes from comfort, you have to learn to make tough decisions.

  • To eliminate the fear of decisions you need to eliminate blame culture

  • If you put off making decisions, you still have to make them eventually but instead under more pressure and stress.

  • Build a culture of openness, transparency and where people feel they can speak up and make mistakes, and then people will make fast and innovative decisions.

  • Are there ways you can reduce the pressure your team is feeling from you? If you can reduce the pressure you are giving, your team will feel more at ease with making decisions


“They participate, but when it’s time to make decisions, they step back”

“It’s easy to make a decision in your comfort zone”

“Think about the culture you build, there could be something there”

“Culture and pressure have an important role in the ability of people to make decisions” 


01:20: Why Team Members Are Struggling to Make Decisions
02:20: Staying Within Your Comfort Zone
03:01: Fear Stops Decisions
05:58: Are we helping our leaders operate in tough conditions?
06:55: The Two Ways to Stop The Fear of Decision Making


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My name is Andrea Petrone. I’m a Human Performance and Leadership Advisor, Executive Coach and International Speaker. I help leaders and their teams change their mindsets and master their leadership capabilities so they can achieve extraordinary performance.

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