10 phrases people commonly say that demonstrate a lack of ownership

How people talk in the workplace tells you a lot about their level of ownership of results.

In my experience, 10 phrases stand out so it’s useful to share them with you so you can have a feeling about their interest in owning the future of your company:

  1. It’s not my problem; it’s up to someone else to take care of it.
  2. Why should I contribute when others aren’t doing their part?
  3. I don’t see how my actions affect the results.
  4. It’s not my responsibility to make things happen. Ask someone else.
  5. I did my part, so I’m not accountable for the results. Leave me alone.
  6. I can’t be expected to take ownership of something that’s not directly related to my role.
  7. I didn’t have a say in the decision-making process, so I don’t feel responsible for the outcome.
  8. It’s not my team, so I don’t feel accountable for their performance.
  9. I’m just following instructions; I don’t have control over the final outcome.
  10. Why should I put in extra effort when others aren’t pulling their weight?

In a nutshell…

What people say tells you a lot about how they see the current reality.

Owning results starts from shifting perspectives and changing the narrative.

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