10 reasons why others are getting better results

Do you often compare yourself or your company with other people or competitors?

If you do, you’re not alone. I believe it’s part of human nature. When we don’t see the results we expect, we start to look outside to see what other successful people/companies do.

When we see their good results, our perception changes. Sometimes, we believe they have a secret sauce and we get desperate to know what is this about…

Most often, something worse happens. We start to believe they are just better than us. No matter how much hard we try, we’ll never get where they are.

This is dangerous thinking, as it leads to less energy and more importantly, less self-esteem.

You can’t allow this to happen.

So, let’s clear the air.

If you see others get better results, it’s not because they are better.

It’s because they might:

  1.  Use better strategies
  2.  Implement a more effective system
  3.  Work harder
  4.  Learn more from mistakes
  5.  Experiment more
  6.  Take more risks
  7.  Are more committed
  8.  Don’t procrastinate
  9.  Stop comparing themselves with others
  10.  Have a more positive attitude and mindset

If you reflect more on your current performance and you’re not happy, what are the things that you need to change from the list above?

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