15 astonishing ways to motivate your team

How can I motivate an entire team?  I get this question every week. And I love it because it’s a great question.  As I work with teams every day, I decided to answer this question and provide a list of 15 proven ideas and strategies that you can apply at work with your team. Curious? Here we are.

1.Know well your team members

If you don’t know what motivates each of them, it’s really impossible to understand how to motivate the entire team. Spend more time knowing their personal lives, passions, and aspirations. 

2.Co-create with them a strong purpose

The best teams are motivated by having a strong sense of belonging towards a common purpose. Why they exist as a team. Why they’re together. How their work matters to people.

3.Build a desirable vision

The vision must be appealing and convey a clear picture of what the future looks like. People are much more motivated when they know their work is inspiring and going to make an impact.

4.Set the right goals

Set goals that are ambitious and challenging, but also achievable. Without clear goals, even a strong purpose has a marginal impact. Set goals that are 20% bigger than the current team skills. 

5.Money or titles don’t buy motivation

Once people are satisfied with their primary needs, any financial incentive won’t have much impact on motivation, especially in the mid-long term. Which is what you need for motivation.

6.Unleash passion

Passion is what drives people. I don’t believe at all when I hear people saying that passion is something you keep for yourself. Allow your people to unleash and use their passions at work.

7. Promote curiosity

The more curious people become, the more motivated they’re to fulfill their curiosity. This is your responsibility. Give them problems to solve that spark curiosity. 

8. Give them autonomy

So there is no better way than giving full autonomy to the team to achieve their goals. Give them the challenge, space, tools, and support to solve their problems. 

9.Instil a strong sense of urgency

Urgency builds drive in people. So when the drive is high motivation goes to the roof. When the team purpose, vision and goals have strong urgency, drive kicks in naturally.  

10. Provide learning

People who work in great teams learn ten times more than any other team. Build diverse teams in terms of skills and behaviours so you’ll encourage cross-pollination.

11.Celebrate early wins

Instead of always pushing, provide moments to celebrate wins and have fun. Highly motivated teams celebrate more than average ones. Build an environment that fosters celebration.

12. Build resilience

Offer safety and space to try and experiment without blame. Replace words like failures with setbacks. Eliminate judgment. Make sure everyone feels safe to make mistakes.

13.Promote positive conflict

Learn to challenge everyone’s thinking and build a place that allows a constructive conflict of ideas. Having an Intellectual conflict is the best way to generate new insights.

14.Tailor your communication style

Best team leaders use the right style with each individual based on the situation. Build your own arsenal of different communication styles to use in different contexts

15.Be at service

Your real role is to support your team to reach their optimal performance. Let them play the game. If you hired well and follow the previous strategies here, they will be self-motivated.  These are my best 15 strategies to unlock team motivation.  I know there is a lot of work to do as a team leader and implementing all strategies could be hard, so my advice is to start with the ones that you think they’re most valuable, but also most important right now based on the situation of your team.  Test what works well but be consistent too, otherwise, you don’t see the expected results. It’s not something that you can just do it once and then forget.  Motivation is a result of taking the right consistent actions over time. Listen to the podcast related to this article: https://www.andreapetrone.com/15-astonishing-ways-to-motivate-your-team-podcast/
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