20% of CEOs are psychopaths

12% of senior corporate leaders display a range of psychopathic traits.
This is a result of recent research by Simon Croom, a professor of supply chain management at the University of San Diego School of Business.
Other researchers believe that 20% of CEOs could be corporate psychopaths too.
According to the researchers, corporate psychopaths:

  • often bully others, create conflict, discourage subordinates’ ideas, behave unethically, and even urge others to do the same
  • create a hostile workplace environment, increase unhealthy competition, stress, absenteeism, disengagement

My view:

Corporate psychopaths are more than 12%.

Consider for example how many managers show these traits:

  • they look friendly and charming but are snakes
  • they devalue others to appear always the winners
  • they cheat, manipulate and corrode the truth
  • they take actions that show contradictions

Ultimately, a corporate psychopath in a key position of power will bring the company down because they will put their selfish desires over the needs of the business and its employees.

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