066: 3 Things That Set Successful Organizations Apart with Michael Mlynarski, CEO of QualityMinds

Self-Centered, Arrogant, Distant, Spoiled, and Driven.

We’ve all seen news stories about unethical CEOs. 

But do a few rotten leaders affect the reputation of the other leaders?

For this episode of ‘The World Class Leaders Show’, I invited Michael Mlynarski, Founder & CEO of QualityMinds.

Michael Mlynarski shared the biggest myths employees believe about CEO jobs. Here are some details that might help you rethink your image of what those people do all day—and also some tips on how to make your organization successful in its own unique way!


By listening to this podcast episode, you will learn more about:

(01:33) The Drive Behind Founding Companies

(04:57) What does QualityMinds do?

(08:30) How can QualityMinds support other Companies?

(14:42) The Key for Organizations Success

(20:39) To become a CEO: The Secret of Michael’s Transition

(26:59) The Root of  Complexity in Operations

(28:56 ) The Future of QualityMinds

(32:12) Things People Don’t Know about CEOs

(35:55) Getting to Know Michael More



Website: https://qualityminds.com/ 

LinkedIn: Michael Mlynarski

Twitter: Michael Mlynarski (@MichalMM)


Links Mentioned:

The Big Five for Life by John Strelecky

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