5 things I know now about team performance that I wish I knew 15 years ago

Five things I know now about team performance that I wish I knew fifteen years ago:

1) The team’s ability to think strategically

When your team’s past performance is not great, you tend to underestimate their ability to come up with new and creative solutions. However, if teams are made up of individuals with diverse skills and experiences and allowed to think outside the box, they can often come up with breakthrough ideas.

2) The team’s willingness to take risks

If we are worried about making mistakes, we unconsciously encourage our teams to play it safe. I realized that when teams are given the freedom to experiment and fail, they are more likely to come up with new and innovative solutions.

3) The team’s ability to learn and adapt

If you stop supporting your team to learn and adapt, don’t ever expect they will be able to cope with a world that is constantly changing. Breakthrough performance is only possible when teams operate in an environment where learning is the denominator factor.

4) The team’s need for emotional support

Our desire to get results is great for performance but often leads us to neglect people’s feelings and emotional needs. Teams need to feel supported and valued to perform at their best. Psychology is a science that must be learned by leaders if they are serious about their people.

5) The team’s collective intelligence

We always have preferences in our team. It’s natural. However, we fail to realize that their collective intelligence is greater than the sum of their intelligence. Your job as a team leader is to make sure the team grows as one performance unit and incentivizes people accordingly.

Talking about a CEO who really values her people..👇

I’ve just uploaded it on YouTube my conversation with Lisa Rosenthal, Owner and CEO of Mayvin. Lisa demonstrates what it means to lead authentically and put your people at the center of your business. Watch it here

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