7 Reasons Why Leaders Don’t Create a Compelling Future for their Company

The easiest way to fail is to stop imagining what we want our future to be like.

We see this in business too often.

Leaders who deliberately avoid creating a clear picture of their company’s end state. As if creating a compelling future is just an unrealistic expectation.

As a result, they favor:

  • hard work
  • short term wins
  • incremental improvements

Over imagination, disruption, and a world of possibilities.

Some common factors prevent leaders from creating a compelling future:

1) Complexity, that kills imagination and encourages business-as-usual attitude.

2) Uncertainty, when leaders overly focus on fear to determine how the business landscape will look in the long term.

3) Overemphasis on short-term goals, leads to delivering immediate results diverting a leader’s focus away from the long-term vision.

4) Operational overload, when leaders are constantly occupied with day-to-day operational tasks and firefighting.

5) Fear of failure, which drives leaders to hesitate to chase a better future and discourages visionary thinking.

6) Resistance to change, that doesn’t allow leaders to disrupt the status quo and depart from the current state.

7) Personal Biases, beliefs, and past experiences that influence a leader’s ability to envision an ideal future.

In my view, leaders who don’t create a compelling future for their companies will always fail at some point.

Not because they’ll necessarily lose profits. But because they’ll lose people along the way.

It’s a great future that makes people interested in a company.

Talking about future..👇

I’ve just uploaded it on YouTube my conversation with the brilliant Verona Frankish, CEO of Yopa Property. Verona represents the type of leader that will win in the future. Watch it here

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