At the age of 36, my professional world changed.

I was lost. My confidence vanished. I didn’t know what to do to go back on track.

Until that time, my career was a long and happy honeymoon stacked with successes.

I was recognized as the most promising youngest leader in a large corporation at the age of 30. I was breaking records.

After that, I got promoted again and reached the top by leading a JV company with hundreds of people working for me.

Then, I made a costly mistake. I stopped learning, being curious and I became comfortable with my results. I was complacent. My performance became mediocre.

This is when everything went upside down. I was 36.

I was not anymore, the inspiring young leader. I was average.

But I didn’t want to admit to myself that I needed help.

So, I hired a coach who helped me see the light again. She helped me go back to feeling uncomfortable, stretch myself way out of my comfort zone, and feel love for myself again.

The rest is history:

  • I got a MBA with honour
  • I moved to Norway and built an entire business for an Italian company
  • I moved to London to join a top consulting firm
  • Moved the ranks and became Managing Director and then Partner
  • Launched my business and reached a six-figure business in just 2 years.

Read more about my approach and my accomplishments below…

Hi, I’m Andrea Petrone, a human performance advisor and executive coach to CEOs and their teams, facilitator and speaker. I help them to become more impactful leaders, accelerate performance and drive growth.

In my 20+yrs of senior executive career, I learned that being at the top is not what many people think.

It’s not just about prestige, big money and fancy benefits.

What many people don’t see is what happens behind the obvious.

It’s your life as a SENIOR LEADER, with the loneliness and uncertainties that come with the responsibility. You make everyday decisions with imperfect information and often knowledge limitation in a never-enough time.

You don’t have all the answers. No one does, but it wouldn’t be surprising if your confidence as a leader stalls.

Your team is not always the answer. You set the tone and vision but teams are not responding. They’re not aligned and chase different priorities. This leads to silos, poor collaboration and average performance.

Your frustration builds up while fast decisions are not taken, change doesn’t kick in and execution is delayed.

This is not the life that you signed up for.

How do I know? Because I’ve been there.

I worked for more than two decades for medium and large companies in six different countries. I became Managing Director at 35. Since then, I worked as EVP and CEO.

During this time, I experienced the same challenges that you face right now. Uncertainty, loneliness, pressure, feeling of never-be-ready to lead.

I realized that leadership doesn’t need to be a lonely experience. If you surround yourself with people who understand, advise, support, and coach you, your life as a LEADER becomes fulfilling and rewarding. You get faster results, make better decisions, become a better leader and reach new heights.

This is when I come in.

I help CEOs, Senior Executives & their Leadership Teams to step up their game, drive growth, and transform their organizations with:

– One-to-One Executive Coaching
– Peer Group (Mastermind)
– Leadership Team Alignment and Coaching (Strategy, Culture, Change)

By working with me, I help you to accelerate your results, build your influence, set the right goals and priorities, lead more effectively your teams and develop your entire organization so you can make a strong impact as a leader.


Tammy Cohen

Founder and CEO, Women Behind the Table, United States
When the Pandemic began, I felt that my company wasn’t going in the right direction. I needed to get help in developing a new set of skills and a new value proposition for the business.

I had not considered an executive/business coach prior and appreciated Andrea’s patience and consistency in answering my questions and engaging me to take the leap. His work ethic, follow up and training as well as the challenging and actionable assignments, changed completely my game. Hiring and working with Andrea ended it up to be the best decision.

With his guidance and coaching, I built my confidence to go to the next level and grow my business. I created a new strong positioning and the framework for my new offer. I realize that without his coaching services, I would still be trying to figure out what to do.

Rebecca Schulz

Energy Senior Consultant, Shell, United States
Before working with Andrea, I was experiencing a massive transition in my life and career. I accepted a new executive role in a new company and in a new country and this also had an impact on my family situation. I was worried that such a transition was risky for me and my career development.

Andrea made me at ease from the first session. He has a wonderful ability to coach me and work issues from several angles, maintain patience and strategic direction throughout, as well as display an exemplary degree of compassion, humour and humanity.

Andrea helped me challenge myself to develop new perspectives and skills and successfully direct my performance to a new level to the point that my transition was smoother than I thought and equally rewarding for my career.

Our firm's partners recently participated in Andrea's STAR program. We were very impressed by Andrea's expertise, content, and coaching during the program. His program helped us refine our business model more clearly, understand where we needed to take the next steps, and has set us up for success in the near future. Combined with his patient demeanor, as well as being a kind, genuine person, he is a wonderful mentor and coach. I highly appreciated our time working together, and hope to do so again in the future!

Chuck Adams

Managing Partner | Coeptis Consulting Group | United States

Over the last 6 months I have had the pleasure to start building my personal path towards leadership and continuous improvement with Andrea, a terrific leadership coach. Andrea helped me to clearly identify my mission and to improve my confidence through a tailored and pragmatic programme. He was great in listening to my needs and in helping me to work out the way forward. His listening skills, ability to motivate people and pragmatic approach are all excellent skills that make a coach a real game changer in your professional life. What really strikes me about Andrea is his way to act as an example, making every message live through his own way to work. I am sure he will be a real ‘game changer’ for many future influencing business people out there.

Laura Maiolo

Energy Consultant | Eni | France, Italy


Unlike most coaches and advisors in this space, I have a unique approach to developing impactful leadership, high-performance teams, and accelerating results.

First, I am all about results.

I don’t work when it’s not clear what objectives and results need to be achieved.

I am very pragmatic. I speak the business language. I have been a C-suite executive myself where stakes were high. I am no fluff.

I love tackling challenges that, when solved, have a big impact on performance and results.

As a result, my clients get clarity, declutter non-priority initiatives, get empowered, and more importantly, take action.

Second, I developed proprietary frameworks that get results across multiple disciplines and challenges.

My frameworks are designed to solve both complicated problems and company-wide big initiatives. They also embrace the most effective neuroscience pillars and strategies so we can unlock the brain potential.

Third, my approach is hybrid. It’s not just about coaching. It’s often a combination of coaching, training, assessments, advisory, and facilitation.

In other words, I do what is necessary to bring results. Stop.


There are many coaches and consultants out there.

But all my clients tell me that I am not even close to any of them. Let me explain.

Most coaches have neither executive experience and presence nor a business background. They didn’t work in the trenches, lead organizations, or work across multiple countries like I did. So when they work with clients, they ask powerful open-ending questions but they can’t help more than that.

On the other hand, big strategy and leadership consulting firms are very expensive, they’re invasive and don’t help you in implementing their suggestions and take your brainpower away from your team.

I fill this gap by providing experience-based and science-backed practical support, frameworks and toolkits that create huge value for you and your company at the fraction of their costs.

By working with me, I help you develop your leadership presence, make better decisions, generate new insights, and act as your sounding board while you go through uncertainty.

Likewise, I help you to develop the brainpower of your organization so people become more engaged, better strategic thinkers and formidable performers.

For this reason, I’m your best alternative.

I’m very pragmatic and by speaking your language, you’ll feel better understood and safe to share thoughts and brainstorm ideas.

By using a “hybrid” approach – meaning using advisory, mentoring, training, facilitation or assessments based on your (or your team) situation, I help you to get unstuck and find solutions to problems that can slow down your personal and company performance.

I’m your shadow and make you perform at your best.



Laura Maiolo

Energy Senior Consultant, Eni, France
When I started working for IEA in Paris, I quickly realized that I needed to step up my game and learn my new set of leadership skills to build my professional career. I had the pleasure to work with Andrea in building my leadership skills and this was a wonderful experience. He has great listening skills and the ability to increase commitment and motivation keeping a pragmatic approach. This was a real game changer for me. What really strikes me about Andrea is his way to act as an example, making every message live through his own way to work. Andrea helped me to clearly identify my leadership blind spots, my drivers, improve my confidence. By working with him, I brought my game to another level that allowed me to rise my profile within a global organization.

Dominique Davis

National Director, Right To Play, United Kingdom
As soon as I got promoted to Managing Director of my company, I quickly realized that I needed help to think more strategically, engage better with my team and build my leadership presence.

Andrea’s approach is very calm, thoughtful and inquisitive without being overwhelming. His listening skills and ability to draw out the ‘real’ elements of what I needed to focus on and develop is second to none. And his manner and approach immediately put me at ease, whilst also challenged me to think on a deeper level.

Thanks to Andrea’s support, I felt finally equipped to lead the organization and become effective in my new role. This was a turning point of my leadership development journey.


I recently participated in Andrea's Set to Accelerate Results (STAR) programme. Andrea's expertise and programme content is gold. I've learned so much from Andrea in relation to marketing, building my business model, creating my offers, selling with events and so much more. I've been able to directly apply his practical advice to my business and am already seeing exceptional results. I would highly recommond Andrea for both his group and one-to-one programmes.

Aoife Donovan Lee

Executive and Career Coach | Ireland

I've recently started working with Andrea as I transition into a senior role within my organisation. Andrea's approach is very calm, thoughtful and inquisitive without being overwhelming. His listening skills and ability to draw out the 'real' elements of what I needed to focus on and develop is second to none. And his manner and approach immediately put me at ease, whilst also challenged me to think on a deeper level. I'd highly recommend anyone who needs strategic business coaching to seek Andrea's support. I'm really looking forward to continuing my leadership development with him

Dominique Davis

National Director | Right To Play | United Kingdom

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