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Client: Renovit (Snam Group)
Industry: Energy
The Problem
  • Renovit is a new energy transition company backed by a large energy company (Snam) and CdP (private equity firm). The company has been growing through acquisitions
  • The new Managing Director built an ambitious growth plan, but he quickly realized that could have been difficult to achieve the results until the all acquired companies found a common ground, worked well together, and defined new innovative strategies
  • The first goal was to bring all executives together in a two-day in-person event and build an integrated team, define a set of company behaviors, and work on developing new innovative strategies
The Approach
  • Before running the two-day events, I invited first the executive team to take some interviews with me and an online survey to share what they thought about the company and the team integration
  • Then, we had some group online coaching to warm up the team and start to identify some behaviors that were potentially hurting the quality of their outcomes
  • Finally, we had the live two-day event where we used presentations, breakout rooms, problem-solving exercises, motivational speeches, and action planning.
  • Helping the team to execute their strategies and work better as a team through accountability group coaching (ongoing)
The Result
  • The team enjoyed the opportunity to get to know each other more (many executives never met in person), understand their individual strengths and weaknesses, and build trust and motivation to push forward the plan
  • They came up with a new “rules of the game” manifesto, where they all developed and agreed on a new set of behaviors and work practices they wanted to embrace for working better together
  • Finally, they developed in only 30 days 8 new innovative short and long term strategic priorities and built a practical implementation plan


Client: Smartstream Technologies
Industry: Fintech
The Problem
  • The CEO was interested to develop the strategic thinking of their product management division and he also realized that there was a misalignment between the sales and product leadership team. He wanted to have the product team guide the sales team and not the other way around.
  • The product team needed to become more strategic and build innovative solutions so the company could have maintained the market leadership
  • The goal was to improve the strategic thinking of the team, as well as to come up with a new vision, strategic priorities, and related execution plan
The Approach
  • I developed a three-step process that included creating the theme of their strategy, developing the most important priorities, and then executing them
  • Before we met in person in London, I had individual interviews with each product leader to understand what priorities they needed to develop and what potential issues they were facing
  • We used the outcome of the interviews as input for our first two-day strategic planning event and we went together through the entire process
The Result
  • The team embraced a new vision and strategy that were built around a new theme
  • From there, every VP came up with new priorities for each product line, designed 3-5 new strategic initiatives to submit to the CEO, and got approved by the board as well
  • The team executed their new strategic priorities with no external support
  • The CEO recognized the entire team stepped up their game and built new strategic thinking skills.
Haytham Kaddoura

Haytham Kaddoura

CEO, Smartstream Technologies, United Kingdom

As a CEO of a leading technology company, you always seek to be ahead of the game. A couple of years back, our mid management team needed assistance to elevate their approach to strategic and innovative aspect of product development, hence we hired Andrea.

Andrea helped massively our team to think more strategically, learn how to build strategic planning and develop new important strategic priorities for the entire organization.

His fresh perspective on product development, proven framework, along with his experience and facilitation skills, manifested into a greater outcome.


Client: Fastweb
Industry: Telecommunication
The Problem
  • The CEO launched some years ago a large change initiative with the goal to digitalize the company products and services to build their leadership in the market
  • During these years though, the project team struggled to come up with an effective project methodology, approach, and effective teamwork
  • As a result, the project stalled didn’t get the expected results, and eventually had a negative impact on morale, motivation, and engagement of all stakeholders
The Approach
  • I developed a three-step framework with the goal to help the team in two directions:
    • re-define the project methodology to get immediate results
    • improve the relationship within the team to get the momentum back
  • We run first individual interviews to take the pulse of the situation given all previous setbacks, then we had other pre-workshop group activities to make a preliminary screening of all ideas/solutions for “go/no-go”, and finally we had a three-half-day fully online workshop (25 people, all done on Zoom)
  • In the workshop, we redefined visions and goals for the project, core values of the team, expected behaviors, priority setting, solutions definition. We used an online whiteboard tool for co-creation as well as some team play tools. Finally, we developed the final implementation plan 
  • Through accountability, I helped the team develop a business case for each selected solution that was presented to the Top Management and approved for the execution
The Result
  • Despite we run such a big initiative online (during lockdown), the all team was very satisfied with the work done together and really enjoyed the process (and replicated internally on other projects)
  • At the end of step 2, the team was able to develop eight new practical strategies to improve the whole project and methodology
  • As a result, they improved massively their way of working together, built more trust, regained motivation, and applied the learning and new process on other projects.

Michele Stripoli

Technical and Project Leader, Fastweb, Italy
Before hiring Andrea, my team and I were struggling to move on a large-scale digital transformation project sponsored by our CEO. The challenge was to create a new operating model and a framework to manage the change. The project wasn’t generating outcomes, got late and all people involved lost interest and hope. We tried to work with a few coaches in the last four years but nothing worked.

We hired Andrea as the “last resort” because we were attracted by his business experience combined with structured frameworks and pragmatism. We were right. Using his experience, listening skills, and empathy, Andrea implemented a structured and flexible methodology that was adaptable to the continuous changes of our context during the design phase.

Thanks to his work, we were able to create the foundations for a new way of working that interprets the spirit of working together, embracing change management and product development. As a result, we increased concreteness and speed, learned how to work in a team with more empathy and trust, shared output at the source with all the actors and effectiveness in digital collaboration, developed new innovative solutions for the business.


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