1. Scaling Startup CEOs

You had a dream. You worked hard to build, grow your company and make an impact in the world.

You did it. But now you have to lead a company to the next stage. And it’s a different game.

You start wondering if you have the right skills, confidence, or “presence” to lead the transition and accelerate performance.

As you go on, more questions and critical voices get in your head.

You have more difficult decisions to make and too many potential priorities to chase. Meanwhile, your team demands more attention, your board needs managing, your clients ask for more.

Let me help you.

By working with me, you’ll:

Kristina Ann Albert, CEO

Founder and CEO, Confidential, United States
Before hiring Andrea, I was struggling to set the right priorities for my growing startup business. I moved countries and I felt I was getting stuck and unable to decide how to scale my business.

Andrea is not only an incredibly talented and authentic executive coach but also one of the rare ones that genuinely cares for his clients and their development. He has the ability to focus on the right questions to help ‘peel back the onion’, think through the real issue and then develop solid action plans.

His support over the past months has been invaluable to growing my business. Thanks to his guidance, I was able to push my limits, uncover my true potential and finally believe in my success. Every time I finish a session with Andrea I feel inspired, energized, and motivated and have full clarity and confidence about my next steps.

Chuck Adams, Co-CEO

Managing Partner, Coeptis Consulting Group, United States
Before working with Andrea, I felt that I needed to step up my game to scale my startup. As a corporate man turned founder, I quickly realized that I didn’t have the skills and the confidence to bring my company to the next growth stage.

I was very impressed by Andrea’s expertise, content, and coaching during the entire coaching program. Combined with his patient demeanor, as well as being a kind, genuine person, he is a wonderful mentor and coach.

His coaching helped us refine our business model more clearly, understand where we needed to take the next steps, build more confidence, influence and has set us up for success in the near future.

2. CEOs, CXOs, and Senior Leaders of medium and large companies

Do you have the right “presence” to lead successfully your team?

Are there any blind spots that might prevent you from making an impact in your role?

As you rise in the ranks, there are more expectations on you, and you start thinking about whether you have the right leadership skills to be successful.

Your feel that you need more confidence and influence to inspire and empower your people to reach better results.

Let me help you build your leadership presence so you can accelerate your performance.

By working together, you’ll:

Alessandro Castagna

Managing Director, Saipem, Kazakhstan
During Covid, I realized I needed to step up my game to be able to get better opportunities at work. As I felt stuck, I lost also confidence in myself.

Andrea built a tailored-made program that was extremely valuable as well as very practical. He’s a coach with a strong work ethic. He’s extremely professional, enthusiastically driven, highly competent in various disciplines which is not usual when you work with other coaches.

He helped me to identify some blind spots, improved my influence and communication skills, how set the right priorities for me and my team, and improve my visibility in the organization.

Rebecca Schulz

Energy Senior Consultant, Shell, United States
I had the fortunate opportunity to work with Andrea through several key transitions over the last period. Andrea helped me challenge myself to develop new perspectives and skills and successfully direct my performance to a new level. Andrea is skilled at working issues from several angles, maintaining patience and strategic direction throughout, as well as displaying an exemplary degree of compassion, humour and humanity.


Executive coaching is not for everyone.

In our first strategy call, we make sure we’re a good fit and you have a problem that I can help you to solve. at the end of the call, we confirm goals, a tentative coaching plan, budget, and the duration of our work together.

At the beginning of our engagement, I’ll propose some assessments that can help you identify potential blind spots and/or behaviors that, if changed, can have a big impact on your results.

After the assessments are completed, I design the full coaching plan that we’ll follow during our engagement.

The coaching plan is our main, guide, but during the time you’ll probably face new challenges or have new issues to deal with. So you’ll always drive the conversation and work on what matters most for you.

During our work, we’ll use frameworks and toolkits that can help you stay focused and follow a practical structure.

Our sessions (online, on Zoom) can be from one hour to one hour and a half and they will take place every two/three weeks generally. However, based on your timeframe and the coaching plan, we might bring them to once per week or once per month.

At the end of each session, you’ll have goals to achieve and actions to take before we meet the next time. These will help you to apply immediately your learnings and new insights.

Depending on goals and the agreed plan, the engagement may vary from a minimum of six months to a maximum of twelve months (sometimes extended if required by the client).

Along with the duration of the engagement, we have numerous check-ins to see how we’re going and how we can make our work better if necessary.


Does executive coaching work?

Yes! numerous studies have proven that coaching usually generates an ROI of between $4 and $8 for every dollar invested. Need more? Check this out:

A Fortune 500 company made internal research to study the impact of executive coaching on overall productivity and employee satisfaction which led to better financial results. In all, their study concluded that Executive Coaching produced a 788% ROI. The study noted that excluding the benefits from employee retention, a 529% ROI was produced.
Manchester, Inc. surveyed 100 executives, most of which were from Fortune 1000 companies. Their research showed that a company’s investment in Executive Coaching realized an average ROI of almost six times the cost of the coaching.
According to the International Coaching Federation (ICF), 86% of organizations saw an ROI on their Coaching engagements, and 96% of those who had an Executive Coach said they would repeat the process. Behind these results were tangible as well as intangible factors. Tangible factors were areas such as increased productivity, higher levels of overall employee performance, reduced costs, growth in revenue and sales, higher employee retention, and higher engagement of employees. Intangible factors were increased confidence of those being coached, improved communication, stronger employee, peer-to-peer, and key stakeholder relationships.

Is executive coaching right for me?

I can’t say. Executive coaching works if you’re open to being challenged and committed to learning and taking action. It won’t be easy. You’ll be stretched outside of your comfort zone but if you’re ready, the reward is huge.

Finally, executive coaching might not be the right tool for you if you look for advice, tools, and work done by others. In this case, better to hire a mentor or a consultant.

How much does it cost?

It depends. I don’t charge by the hour or session. I offer a flat or a monthly retainer fee.

At the end of our strategy call, I’ll tell you what the fees would be based on your expected outcome and the duration of our work together.

If you don’t have a budget, no problems. Check my “Resources Page” as there are many articles and tools that can probably help you to find a solution to what you’re looking for.

What language do you use for coaching?

English, but I can coach in Italian if necessary.

If you need other languages, I’ll introduce you to one of my strategic partners if they speak your own language (see below).

How do I know if you’re the right coach for me?

Only a call together would tell.

In our strategy call, we both want to understand whether we’re a fit and there is good chemistry between us. If you’re not sure at the end of the call, don’t commit and look for someone else.

Likewise, if I feel you’re not the right “coachee” for me, I’ll tell you straight because I don’t want to waste your time and money.

Do you just ask open-ended questions?

No. You can hire other coaches if you just look for that.

I strictly follow ICF guidelines for having coaching conversations, however, I’m very practical and I believe that my business experience could be valuable for you.

I hate fluffy conversations that go nowhere. If I feel you’re stuck at any given time, I’ll try to give you some advice if I think they might be useful, provided you’ll be happy to hear them.

You don’t have experience in my industry. Does it matter?

No. It doesn’t.

As I am not your consultant or business mentor, my industry experience is often irrelevant to solving your issues.

However, if I believe I can share some observations or advice based on my previous long experience, I’ll gently ask you if you would like to hear it because it might be relevant to your current situation. Most of my clients love that.

Do you work with private individuals?

Yes, you can find testimonials on this website of private individuals.

However, I take only a few one-to-one private coaching assignments and only with Senior Executives.

So, if you’re one of them and need coaching, I’ll be happy to have a chat and see if I can help you.



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