Don’t impress. Assess.

Why so many sales conversations don’t generate any outcome?

There are many reasons why conversion is low in sales, but there is one that has a major negative impact. It’s the belief the when we sell, we need to run a show.

This is wrong and doesn’t sound something new to us. Yet, many first interactions with prospects end in a big show, where the seller can’t control the inclination to talk too much, showcase his own expertise, knowledge, experience.

Here’s the thing. This is the least effective strategy to build trust with prospects.

David Maister wrote the Trust Formula almost 20 yrs ago. He realized trust increases with credibility, reliability, intimacy, and decreases with self-orientation. In other words, every time you talk about you, your business, your experience, etc. the level of trust drops dangerously.

Instead of impressing your clients, then learn to assess their needs and what they truly want. Imagine being in a big audition show but you are not the one under the spotlights. They are.

By assessing them, you build trust, protect your status and take control of the relationship, so you can decide if the prospect is an A-player, if you can help him and if it’s worth to spend your time working with him.

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