From Napkin Scribble to $90 Million Business with Lisa Rosenthal, CEO of Mayvin

I find it fascinating how leaders create something spectacular out of the blue.

It’s the story of Lisa RosenthalCEO of Mayvin, a defense and intelligence consulting firm.

In my latest interview on “The World Class Leaders Show” podcast, she shares her remarkable journey of entrepreneurship and business growth. From starting with just a concept scribbled on a napkin, Mayvin transformed into a thriving enterprise with $90 million in revenue and 500 employees within slightly over a decade.

She emphasizes the significance of integrity, surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals who share your values, and not allowing inexperience to deter you if you have a strong mission-driven purpose.

Lisa advocates for work-life integration rather than seeking an elusive work-life balance and highlights the importance of hiring carefully and having the courage to let go of employees who no longer fit the company culture.

Lisa’s overarching message is that successful leadership involves making tough decisions, focusing on the greater good, and showing genuine care for both employees and the business.

Listen to our chat here

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