High self-orientation erodes trust and kills sales

High self-orientation erodes trust and kills sales.

Everybody knows that but a small portion of consultants have learned how to apply this concept in their business. Why? Because they have such a strong desire and temptation to throw on clients all their experience, knowledge, ego.

To them, this sounds just right. They believe that the more they boost their personal/company profile, the better is the outcome. They want to impress their clients assuming they will buy sooner if they see a full bag on the other side.

As a result, they charge at full speed and run big shows. Not surprisingly, this is the exact time when their influence falls apart.

Here are some big red flags that might prevent you to build trust and attract clients:

  1. You use “I” or “We” more than 20% of the time
  2. Your marketing is a collection of services and not outcomes
  3. You talk more than your clients and keep interrupting them
  4. You want to impress instead of assessing them
  5. You tell your leads where to go instead of asking them where they want to go

If you are struggling to attract clients and convert more, re-assess your way first instead of blaming them or the market.

The best thing you can do is to be genuinely interested in helping others and making an impact on their professional lives. Your success will be a natural consequence.

After all, isn’t this the main reason why you are in business?

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