042: How HR Can Build Innovation and Drive Value with Carlo Albini

Human Resources plays a critical role in the evolution of an organization. By combining open innovation and effective methodologies, an organization can increase its effectiveness in accomplishing business transformation. 

For episode 042 of my World Class Leaders Show podcast, I discussed this topic with Carlo Albini. Carlo began his professional journey in management consulting, serving leading multinational companies with a focus on transformation programs enabled by technology. Since 2020, Carlo has been in charge of People and Organization Innovability, a brand-new organizational structure responsible for leading sustainability and innovation, focusing on the future of work, open innovation culture and agile transformation at Group level

By listening to this episode, you will learn more about:

  1. Defining the right metrics for Driving Innovation and Sustainability
  2. Building the Talent Pool
  3. Increasing Internal Influence
  4. Improving Communications
  5. Planning for the Future of Work

To learn more or to contact Carlo Albini directly, he can be found on Twitter @AlbiniPv, or on LinkedIn, at linkedin.com/in/carloalbini

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