031: How Leaders Should Transform the Oil & Gas Industry with Emanuele Cacciatore

With fundamental changes taking place in the nature of work, traditional industries such as Oil, Gas & Energy are significantly challenged to recruit, retain, and satisfy an evolving workforce.

Are leaders ready to tackle this challenge?

For Episode # 31 of The World Class Leaders Show, I was honored to host a fellow Italian, Emanuele Cacciatore, an experienced executive management consultant and strategic adviser with a strong track record in leading strategy and transformation projects. In his current role as senior director for industry strategy and transformation at Oracle, Emanuele supports digital transformation projects across major energy and utility client accounts. He is a faculty member at the European Institute for Innovation & Sustainability and the author of several published articles on the Future of Work.

By listening to this episode, which is filled with useful information about foreseeable labor shortages that apply to multiple industries, you will learn more about the following:

  1. The approaching labor shortfalls and reasons why it has accelerated
  2. The digital transformation challenges
  3. What are the skills required in the future
  4. How to deal with an aging workforce

Please note: this episode was recorded before the war in Ukraine and when the industry was dealing with a spike of Omicron cases (late 2021).

To learn more and to contact Emanuele Cacciatore, you can reach out via his LinkedIn profile:  linkedin.com/in/emanuelecacciatore

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