How running online events that rock

If there is one thing that consultants have learned in 2020 is the importance to run online webinars to attract clients.

Running online events that rock is a key pillar for scaling a consulting business. However, for many consultants, this seems to be a landmine. Here’s why.

Afraid to fail

Some consultants do want to launch their own webinars to show to their prospects their ability to solve their problems, however, they get stuck as they don’t know how to market the event or how to deal with technology.

They attend other events to see what others do with the goal to learn how to run webinars themselves. Unfortunately, they get stuck in a typical analysis-paralysis situation. They plan, strategize, and learn but without taking any action.

Here’s the thing. If you want to master a new habit, the key is to start and do it again and again. Repetition builds habits, not perfection.

Too busy

As a consultant, you have many potential marketing strategies and tactics to implement. There are at least 10-15 strategies you can use.

As a rule of thumb, every consultant uses around 4/5 different strategies at the same time. This is amazing if you built a system and a team to run them. Otherwise, you are burning out. And if you don’t see immediate results from any of these initiatives, you keep jumping and switching from one strategy to another.

Plus, you need to run your business. I get it.

However, if you believe the online world is the way to go for the next 6-12 months, it would be illogic to not run online events to attract and convert clients.

The key is to do less but do it right. If you run online events that sell, would you still run all other marketing strategies?

Selling and not teaching

Here’s the secret. Too many webinars are designed to either impress clients (too salesy) or teach too much (too educational).

When I work with consultants on this, I really need to help them switch this mindset first and then use proven formula. In fact, you can keep running webinars to educate your clients, teach your stuff, show them how good you are, but to get real results, you need a switch.

In fact, if this has been your strategy so far, I bet you got brilliant comments and reviews but zero or little conversation. You gave too much instead of building desire.

The key to run events that sell is to find a balance between teaching and selling. If you find it, you will see the difference.

There are other two months until the end of the year. What are you going to do to build more desire for your target market?

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