How Should CEOs Spend Their Time?

CEOs spend 72% of their times in meetings, 6% with frontline teams and 3% with customers.
​ Meaning: most of them live in an artificial bubble that prevents them from seeing the actual world and their workers face.
​ So it’s not surprising when I see CEOs completely disconnected from the frontline.
​ They think they know what happens using their own intuition and feedback from their leadership team.
​ Looking at the future, a new type of CEO will be in high demand.
​ It’s the ‘Frontline CEO’.
​ A CEO that turns his/her time upside down.
​ I read recently some great examples of CEOs who are interpreting their role in this way.
​ CEO’s Airbnb Brian Chesky spent last 6 months living in his company’s rentals—and found the core problem with his business.
​ Laxman Narasimhan new CEO of Starbucks is taking the role of barista shifts once a month. And Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi got behind the wheel and moonlighted as a driver that led him to “reevaluate every single assumption that we’ve made,” he told the Wall Street Journal.
​ Consider this:
​ Spending most of your time with the frontline is not just good for morale and for reinforcing your company culture.
​ It’s a unique opportunity to see the business with different lens so you can make it better.
​ And by the way, you don’t need to be the CEO to do that.
​ This is what any great leader does.
​ Agree?
​ (The data about time management are based on a research made a few years ago by HBS professors Michael Porter and Nitin Nohria).
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