Five reasons why creating a bold vision will transform your company

Creating a bold vision is not what many CEOs do.

A bold vision is something that inspires people. Big enough to let me believe they’re working on something extraordinary.

In reality, I see many leaders play conventional by either creating a fluffy vision to hang on the wall or by not finding the courage to aspire to what looks impossible in the present.

They’re stuck in their own perspectives that limit them to think bigger. To achieve the impossible.

On the other hand, some (very few though) leaders go beyond what looks possible right now. They see a different future for their companies. And they are committed, and they stand for bringing that future into the current existence.

A bold vision is something that disrupts the current trajectory of the business. It’s an earthquake. It generates a violent impact on the status quo.

In my experience helping leaders to define a bold future for themselves and their organizations, I believe that there’re five main reasons why creating a new future for the business should be at the top of any CEO’s priority:

1) A bold vision makes everyone thrilled about the journey. Employees feel excitement, drive, commitment, and motivation. Nobody wants to work for an organization that wants to increase – for example – sales by 25%. They want much more than that.

2) A bold vision is designed to make an impact on society. Not just driving profit to shareholders. People want to work on something that changes lives and on things that matter. The new generations see the world in a very different way than us when we started our careers.

3) A bold vision attracts the best talents in the market. We’re facing a war of talents. Guess who is gonna win. Talents are rare and big companies are used to stockpiling them. If you have a bold vision, you can compete with Google or Amazon in the world (and these companies are now “clearing” the stock!).

4) A bold vision inspires employees to raise their standards. They feel so engaged in making the vision real that they’ll do whatever it takes to rise and become better. A bold vision builds leadership and drives excellence across the entire organization.

5) A bold vision attracts customers more than we think. Customers are becoming sophisticated because they have more options to buy. Their attention span is also at the lowest level ever. A bold vision makes them loyal and willing to join your journey.

Your job as a CEO doesn’t stop at the creation phase.

Words are words, if you’re not committed, to taking action and making sure that vision becomes possible, the vision disappears quickly.

You have to make sure the employees believe and commit to the future that you want to build for them.

In the next episodes, I’ll share how to do it by leveraging the power of conversations.

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