019: How to Drive Innovation through Corporate Venture Funds with Andreas Berger

In the world of Venture Capital, most of the media coverage is given to the high-risk/reward world of Digital and Technology Start-ups. However, over the past ten years, Corporate Venture Capital Funds have been steadily growing and achieving successful results for more traditional organisations.

My guest today is Dr. Andreas Berger. Dr. Berger is presently the managing director of the Wintershall DEA Technology Ventures. As a classic high achiever, Andreas has been a lawyer and entrepreneur, an in-demand keynote speaker and philosopher. He owns an investment company and has extensive business experience in Mergers and Acquisitions.

In this podcast episode, we discuss innovation, strategy, and Dr. Berger shares his experience with working in both Silicon Valley and in European corporate culture.

By listening to this show, you will learn:

  1. Four factors to starting a successful Corporate Venture Fund
  2. Topics to consider in building the right team
  3. How to drive innovation at multiple levels of the company
  4. Key lessons learned from Silicon Valley

To contact Dr. Andreas Berger, you can go to his LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/draberger/

Or, visit the corporate website at: https://wintershalldea.com/en

If you’re currently facing a challenge, or thinking of launching new change initiatives, feel free to connect with me either on LinkedIn or my website www.andreapetrone.com or by email at a[email protected].
For more information about Andrea’s work, go to:

Read the article linked to this podcast: https://www.andreapetrone.com/how-to-drive-innovation-through-corporate-venture-funds-article/

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