How to Foster a Culture of Innovation with Zack Weisfeld, VP & GM of Intel Ignite

I have a strong interest to understand how leaders can drive innovation in large corporates where disrupting status quo is challenging.
For this reason, I have recently interviewed Zack Weisfeld, serial entrepreneur, vice president and general manager of Intel Ignite based in Israel. Zack has been behind several successful start-ups and was previously the general manager for Microsoft.
As well as being a serial entrepreneur, Zack prides himself on being a corporate entrepreneur, helping large corporate companies innovate and be disruptive as a start-up would, and driving culture change through working with leaders and stakeholders within the company. He discussed with me his approach, the critical relationship between innovation and culture and his thoughts on what it takes to be an inspirational and effective leader.
Zack attributes some of his success to being in the right place at the right time. He was one of the first to see the internet as huge opportunity Companies can have start-up style values, such as a growth mindset and being disruptive, but it can be difficult for some roles within a large company to exercise them Large tech companies must engage with start-ups, if they do not then they will quickly become irrelevant There are a lot of opportunities in tech in this changing world, but this also means that there are many companies and services that will disappear Culture is ingrained into organisations and the relationship between culture and innovation is critical. One of the ways to tap into this and drive change is to take people and teams away from their daily environment and work alongside and with start-ups.
2023 is a difficult time for all companies which presents a unique challenge for leaders, to continue to motivate their teams and also incentivize them to stay within the organization.
Challenging times also present opportunities, those who see these and seek them out drive growth and entrepreneurship. Experience can mean that people act on old information and intuition, we have to challenge these ideas and mindsets so we can build and create a different culture with innovative solutions.
Zack’s Book Recommendation: Give and Take by Adam Grant
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