033: How to Get Promoted to the C-Suite with Amii Barnard-Bahn

As a senior executive looking to move into the C-Suite, do you have an in-depth knowledge of the factors that might go into the making of that promotion decision? 

Alternatively, as a leader in your organization, are you building the strongest possible team by leveraging all the talent you have available to you?

In all organizations, it’s essential that an objective framework for promotion review and decision-making is in place. C-Suite candidates must be crystal clear on the expectations and criteria of the Board and other arbiters who may influence the final outcome. 

For Episode # 33 of my podcast series, The World Class Leaders Show, it was my great pleasure to host Amii Barnard-Bahn. Recognised by Forbes as one of the top coaches for legal and compliance executives, Amii is a member of Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches and a fellow at the Harvard Institute of Coaching. A guest lecturer at Stanford and UC Berkeley, Amii is also a contributor to Harvard Business Review, Fast Company and more. Amii received her law degree from Georgetown University Law Centre and her BA from Tufts. 

During the podcast, Amii and I discussed the importance of promotion events for the health of an organization. A promotion is a discrete employment moment that can be flagged for special attention, to ensure that decisions are made fairly and in a way that strengthens the team and the overall leadership structure. 

By listening to this episode, you will learn more about:

  1. Five critical criteria for judging promotability
  2. Diversity and equity challenges and how to combat proximity bias
  3. Ideas for providing clear feedback and expectations for building influence and promotability.

If you’d like to reach Amii, and find out more about her free promotability index, you can visit the website at https://www.barnardbahn.com/.

There are many resources available, such as leadership resources, guidebooks, and newsletters.

You can also find Amii on Linked in, at linkedin.com/in/amiibarnardbahn

Read the article related to this podcast: https://www.andreapetrone.com/how-to-get-promoted-to-the-c-suite-with-amii-barnard-bahn-article/

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