How to make sure your goals see the light

I’m sure you have a new set of goals to achieve in 2021. That’s awesome and I sincerely wish you to achieve them.

One hard truth though…

Most of the goals don’t see the light. Not because you don’t want them hard enough. It’s because the plan to reach them is weak.

Let me share with you some proven and simple strategies to get what you look for…

First, though, let’s agree on one big principle:

You have to treat your goal as a project.

This is the only way to anticipate success.

When I changed my approach with goals, everything changed. More clarity, more focus, more results.

This is why we spend one entire module with clients at the end of our group coaching program on this. I want to make sure that all projects are implemented with a system. Not just as a chance.

Your chance to achieve your goals increases tremendously if you build a system and implement it consistently over time.

I recommend to follow this system:

Decide a specific goal.

If the goal is too big or long-term, break it down until is manageable and measurable. I love to work on goals that have urgency and can be achieved in a maximum of 90 days. The shorter, the better.

Define why you want it.

The reason why we want to achieve a goal is underrated. If our why is weak, the goal is weak. Results are insignificant. A strong why is super well aligned with your personal vision.

However, you don’t need to have a big goal to have a big why. If that goal moves the needle in the direction of your vision, it’s perfect.

Clarify what results you want.

This sounds a no-brainer, but I still see people have no clue what specific results they want to achieve. If you aren’t specific, you don’t have foundations. You have a castle made of sand.

What would you like to get from the goal-project? It could be getting a promotion or a salary raise of x, increase your profit from y to z, getting one client in a new market, etc. Don’t plan projects that say something vague: “Become more productive” or “Expand internationally”.

Identify success criteria.

Here’s the thing. Too often we focus only on a “yes or no” measurement of success. In reality, there are more success factors around the main goal. Call them micro-goals if you want. For example, if you want to get one big client a new market in the next 90 days, some success criteria could be: have arranged 20 meetings with large potential clients, 10 out of 20 have received a proposal, had the next step with these 10.

Define all necessary actions.

Now that you got more clarity, it’s time to brainstorm and identify what actions you need to make to achieve the micro goals. In the first round, don’t neglect any option. You can refine it later. It’s ok if you have 10 actions to make. Less is not more in this situation. You have to run every possible action to make it happen.

Now, it’s time to execute your actions. If the goal is important, you must keep time every day to execute your plan.

A good strategy with poor implementation is a waste of time.

Make this a habit and you’ll see a big difference in your life.

And if your goal for 2021 is to either grow your business, develop leadership within your organization, or build your own career progression, let’s work on your project together and make this happen.

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