020: How to Re-engage your Team During Bad Times

We’re seeing an increasing level of disengagement at work. Once again.

Not surprisingly, many team leaders are noticing:

  • Less participation in staff meetings
  • Bad mood and negative thoughts across their teams
  • Less motivation
  • Poor response to team activities that were working fine before

It’s clear that something changed in the last month and it’s inevitably the consequence of the new restrictions due to Omicron.

But there must be more under the surface. 

If employees feel fatigued and lack of energy already at the beginning of a new year, something else is going on. 

I believe Omicron has just resurfaced existing problems that were temporarily put aside.

If you want to re-engage your employees, I recommend going back to basics and introducing some more creative ideas.

In this episode, we discuss:

  1. Why organizing more online team meetings won’t help your people to re-engage
  2. What are the most effective ways to re-engage with tired employees
  3. The five steps you need to take to get your team engagement back

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