How to Talk in Organizations to Create Commitment

Are you happy with the way people talk and communicate in your organisation?

In the new episode of my podcast, I talked about how communication is directly linked to commitment and how the language you and your team impacts the results you see, revealing the do’s and don’t’s of communication if you want to see effective results.


  • Many individuals struggle to take responsibility and be fully committed in work today.
  • There’s a strong connection between the way we communicate with one another at work and the results we achieve.
  • It’s comfortable to talk about the past, it doesn’t have expectations or usually any actions either. To create effective results we need to be in the present and look to the future.
  • When people start talking about the past, stop them and change the conversation. This will allow you to create commitment-generating conversation instead.
  • You need to use specific and direct language and communication to create success.

01:49: Are we underrating the way we talk in our organisations?
03:10: The problem with talking about the past
05:00: Creating commitment-generating communication
06:00: The differences between wishful thinking and committed language

If you’re interested to go deeper, listen to the full episode here.
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