038: How to Turn a Personal Problem into a Global Systemic Change with Janice Lintz

Diversity is not interchangeable with Race.

But this is how diversity is seen often in organizations.

For my recent podcast episode # 38 of The World Class Leaders Show, my guest was Janice Lintz. Janice is an accomplished consultant advocate across the hearing access, advocacy, and related political spectrum. As CEO of Hearing Access Innovations, Janice is at the forefront of helping a wide array of public and private organizations to improve their accessibility for individuals with hearing loss.

In our episode, Janice shared:

– her incredible journey from turning a personal problem into a global systemic change

– the leadership problem around DEI

– practical strategies to make a change in an organization

To contact Janice Lintz and learn more about her work, there are three good sources: 

The consulting business is at https://www.hearingaccess.com/

Her personal advocacy website is at https://janicelintz.com/

Reach Janice on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/janicelintz.

For more information about my work with leaders and organizations, or to take a free assessment of your leadership level, please drop me an email at a[email protected], or go to my website at https://www.andreapetrone.com/.

Read the article related to this podcast: https://www.andreapetrone.com/how-to-turn-a-personal-problem-into-a-global-systemic-change-article/


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