Humans vs. Robots: Who’s Winning in Your Leadership Style?

Too many managers aren’t seen as real people with feelings by the folks they’re in charge of.

They don’t show who they are or that they care much about others, kind of like robots that don’t get emotions.

Some managers think that if they let their true feelings show, people won’t think they’re strong leaders anymore.

They think being nice and caring makes them look less powerful.

But here’s the thing they’re missing: 👇

Being a manager is more than just telling people what to do.

It’s about being someone your team can trust and want to talk to.

Good leaders make their teams feel important and understood.

When a team feels like their manager gets them, they work better together, come up with really cool ideas, and aren’t scared to try new stuff.

Real leaders share their power with the team, making everyone feel like they can do awesome things together.

Becoming a better leader isn’t super hard.

Here are some easy steps to start with:

↳ Listen to what your team is saying.
↳ Let them know you get it.
↳ Tell them about times you messed up.
↳ And what you learned.
↳ Be happy with them when they do something great.
↳ Help them out when things get tough.

When managers do these things, they’re not just the manager.

They’re part of the team.

And that’s how they become real leaders, not robots.

Talking about human leaders..👇

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