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070: How to Embrace Diversity for Powerful Results with Renée McGowan

The modern workplace generally presents unique leadership challenges due to differing perspectives, cultures, and beliefs, and leading a diverse organization is about much more than simply acknowledging differences. For episode 070 of my podcast, ‘The World Class Leaders Show’, I invited Renée McGowan, Mercer’s President, Asia Middle East & Africa


069: The Impact of Ownership on Results

When we talk about the act of being an entrepreneur and the journey to success, being an owner is a vital part. It’s one of the most critical factors that can either make or break you as an entrepreneur. But what is ownership? Does it mean owning everything in your


068: Team Alignment To Burn Down Silos and Improve Performance with Mauro Ghilardi

Our ability to work together depends on one thing: TEAM’S SUCCESS But team alignment isn’t easy to achieve. Some members might have conflicting or competing priorities, while others might have misaligned goals and objectives or be stretched thin because of their workloads. It can be difficult to get everyone to


067: The Five Biggest Insights I Learned from Great Leaders

You Can Achieve Your Success But in order to do that, one of the best things that I can offer to you today is maybe sharing some reflection and observation that I had in the last couple of weeks during holidays. Based on all the conversation that actually I had



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