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078: How to Stop the Fear of Decision Making in Your Team

Andrea has witnessed many organisations struggling with decision making and, in this episode, offers great insight into why this is and more importantly, what you can do to stop this happening to yourself, your team and your organisation and continue to lead effectively. KEY TAKEAWAYS Even team members who appear


077: How to Think Systematically in Silos-Driven Organizations

Organizations are unlearning how to think systematically. They face higher complexity than in the past but – instead of trying to make sense of their problems in terms of wholes – they split them down into parts. This is how they reinforce unconsciously silos over unity. They look at one


076: Massimo Calvelli, CEO of ATP Tour Staying Focused During Change

How do you stay focused on your new journey, take control of your future and be the business leader you strive to become? For episode 076 of my podcast, ‘The World Class Leaders Show,’ I invited Massimo Calvelli, CEO of ATP Tour ( Association of Tennis Professionals) and former professional


075: How to Ask People to Change Their Behaviours

How do you ask people to change their behaviors?   In my experience, leaders often give feedback to people without being specific. They tend to say things like: “I want you to be less arrogant,” or “I want you to have a more entrepreneurial spirit,” and so on—without backing up their



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