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037: What Makes CEOs of Private Equity Backed Companies Successful

Although PE-backed company CEOs and other CEOs share the same role, a PE-backed CEO is tasked with unique challenges. Many of them accept the role but come underprepared for what lies ahead. I have been recently invited to share my thoughts about the subject on the “The Private Equity Podcast”,


036: The Biggest M&A Integration Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

The biggest mistake leaders do when they merge is hardly strategy or financials. It’s underestimating the people’s side of the transaction.  New teams don’t often work well together if they feel there is a cultural misalignment between the two organizations. As a result, they can’t get rid of their past.


035: The Success Factor with Dr. Ruth Gotian

Success can be learned and duplicated by emulating the mindsets of High Achievers. There are numerous factors to consistently achieving outstanding performance. This includes components such as a clear understanding of motivational drivers, a dedication to life-long learning, and more. Successful high achievers are defined as people who have created


034: 15 Astonishing Ways to Motivate your Team

How can you motivate an entire team? I get this question every week. And I love it because it’s a great question. As I work with teams every day, I decided to answer this question and provide a list of 15 proven ideas and strategies that you can apply at



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