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048: Leading Flexible Teams with Brian Elliott, SVP of Slack

Over the past two years, the response to the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a significant acceleration of a set of trends impacting how we work. Many organizations dealing with these forced changes simply took the approach to ‘retrofit’ their office-bound existing habits and practices to accommodate remote working. However, some


047: The Three Books that You Must Read this Summer

If you’re an avid book reader like I am, you’re in the right place today. Whether you’re on holiday or planning the next one, you may look for some good book recommendations for your book list. Here’s my small gift for you: my top three business books that had a


045: Why I Should’ve Said No to Fix the Company Culture

Company culture is not a toy that you can “fix”. Yet, how many times have you heard leaders asking their managers to fix people’s behaviors?  I remember when that happened to me as a manager earlier in my career. I was asked by the CEO to fix the culture but



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