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065: Haytham Kaddoura, CEO of Smartstream on Company Turnaround

For today’s episode, we want to repurpose one of the best episodes of the last 12 months. My interview with Haytham Kaddoura, CEO of SmartStream Technologies, a global company leader in financial transaction management solutions. In this episode, we discussed how you could drive a successful turnaround by covering some


064: Iggy Domagalski, CEO of Wajax on Leading with Trust

I still remember my first real leadership experience. I was in Egypt and was asked to lead a team of 150 people. Before that, I led a group of 5. This was a giant leap. I enjoyed it despite the challenge but I remember how many things I needed to


063: How to Build a Bold Vision for your Company

Creating a bold vision is not what many CEOs do. Many leaders play conventional by either creating a fluffy vision to hang on the wall or by not finding the courage to aspire to what looks impossible in the present. They’re stuck in their own perspectives that limit them to



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