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034: 15 Astonishing Ways to Motivate your Team

How can you motivate an entire team? I get this question every week. And I love it because it’s a great question. As I work with teams every day, I decided to answer this question and provide a list of 15 proven ideas and strategies that you can apply at


033: How to Get Promoted to the C-Suite with Amii Barnard-Bahn

As a senior executive looking to move into the C-Suite, do you have an in-depth knowledge of the factors that might go into the making of that promotion decision?  Alternatively, as a leader in your organization, are you building the strongest possible team by leveraging all the talent you have


032: The Secret to Build Transformational Teams

Transformation is not something you do as an organization. It’s who you are. If you want to build transformational organizations, you need to build transformational teams first. Because teams are the best vehicle to bring transformation. However, it’s not as easy as we might think. In this episode, I share:



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