I always think about others around me and how I can make them more successful. I am aware that if I help others to succeed, I?ll be more successful too.


I am very focused and productive, so I get things done easily with great outcomes and results. I manage well my time and I avoid distractions.


I have a clear strategy to achieve my goals. I know what I have to do and I am working on it.


I inspire and mobilize people towards the vision I have for the business. As a result, I see people being more motivated, positive, and effective in their job.


I consistently take action based on what I say. Being consistent means that people around me can trust that I will do what I say I am going to do and?that I will behave fairly in my actions.


I have a great relationship with my team members. They like me. I like them. There is great chemistry but also strong alignment, commitment, and joined accountability to get results.


I have a clear vision of my career and future. I know where I need to be in the next 5 years.


I have a high level of trust in other people working around me. I give trust easily as I genuinely believe in people and their abilities to help me get better results.


I have a strong sense of urgency to be better, get better results, and reach my goals. I have the determination and persistence to keep pushing regardless of obstacles and challenges.


I have clarity about the goals that I need to achieve to reach my vision. They are challenging but equally achievable.


I don't like working alone. I am more productive and effective when I work in collaboration with others. This fosters creativity, innovation and generates better results.


I am a lifetime learner and I consistently take opportunities to develop myself and grow as a person and leader. I take the time for myself to read, learn and improve.


I communicate simply and powerfully. As a result, I see people around me taking actions consistently without asking often for clarifications.


I know exactly my strengths and how to use them to reach my goals and become a better version of myself.


I always have a great relationship with my bosses. They like me. I like them. We work well together as a team and help each other to grow as professionals.


I love listening to others to hear their stories and thoughts so I can get more insights. For this reason, I don't interrupt them and spend much time talking about myself and what I do.


I love to get feedback from others, and I am very open to being challenged. I appreciate and thank people when they give me their feedback so I can get better at what I do.


I know exactly my weaknesses and how they might prevent me from reaching my goals. I am working to improve in these areas and I see results already.


I have a high level of energy that makes me productive and resilient to stress and fatigue. I have built high-performance routines and habits that give me energy and positivity most of the time.


I know and use many different communication styles based on the situation and the people I am talking to. This allows me to be more influential, also in one-to-one conversations.


I have a strong passion for what I do. I like my job and my work because it?s impactful and it makes me happy and proud.


I have a high intrinsic motivation that drives me consistently to get things done and get closer to my goals. For this reason, I don’t need much external motivation.


I have a strong powerbase of professional relationships and network available. Inside and outside my organization. I get easily advice, help, and opportunities to reach faster my goals.


I am very effective to convince and persuade people to take my ideas on board. I always put myself in the person?s shoes, so we can both win in the conversation.


I take full responsibility for my actions. I don't blame others or the situation when things don't go as expected. I own my results. No one else is responsible for that.