The 10 life principles that shaped who I am today (and why they matter for leaders)

I don’t know if you need to read this today, but here are my 10 principles in life that have shaped who I am today (and I love to see in leaders too):

  1. Be unapologetically yourself. Who you are is a result of a deliberate choice you made along the journey. Don’t hide. Authenticity is your superpower.
  2. Be a person of integrity. Trust is earned through unwavering honesty and moral values – but more importantly – when you honor your commitment.
  3. Be driven by purpose. Seek real meaning in what you do; purpose creates passion and accelerates motivation. Keep your purpose top of mind.
  4. Be kind. Small acts of kindness create joy and fulfillment. Don’t fear that kindness impacts your leadership. Kind leaders are gems.
  5. Build your life around learning. The pursuit of knowledge is relentless but equally awesome. There’s no limit to what you learn and who you can become.
  6. Believe in the power of empathy. Understanding others’ perspectives fosters connection and compassion. This is humanity 4.0 at play
  7. Build resilience. Challenges are opportunities in disguise; learn to bounce back stronger. Every successful leader goes through the same ups and downs
  8. Be comfortable with ambiguity. Instead of walking away from risks and uncertainty, develop the ability to thrive when things get muddy.
  9. Believe in a world of possibilities. Being negative narrows your mind so your opportunities in life. Believe that greatness is possible. It’s up to you.
  10. Be a person of gratitude. Acknowledge the beauty in the ordinary; a grateful heart is a joyful heart. Do the same with your people. They need your gratitude.

What’s your favorite? What are your life principles?


I’ve just uploaded my conversation with Luca Bovalino, CEO of North America at the FAAC Group‘s parking business unit on YouTube. In our episode, we discussed the art of merging diverse cultures to drive results. Watch it here

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