The CEO’s Dilemma: Pressure vs. Privilege (Which Wins?)

40% of CEOs feel their organization would no longer be economically viable in 10 years’ time.
No matter how hard they try to make a difference.
As a result, some CEOs are resigning from their commitments and taking a new path to reinvent themselves.
This is the result of the latest PwC’s 2023 survey of 4,410 CEOs which is concerning as none of these perceptions are true but they shape the way CEOs lead their companies.
This article suggests then being a CEO these days sucks as expectations on performance rise.
I don’t agree.
Being a CEO is a privilege as it’s a privilege to have pressure.
As Doc Rivers famous basketball coach used to say:
“Pressure is a privilege. You don’t get to be in many pressure situations in your lifetime. You’ve worked for it; you’ve earned it, now embrace it.”
That applies to CEOs and any other corporate leaders.
Don’t run away from pressure to deliver.
You’re there for a reason. You have earned the privilege to make an impact.

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