The Five Biggest Insights I Learned from Great Leaders

In the last 15 months, I have interviewed 30+ successful leaders for ‘The World Class Leaders Show’. Here’s what I learned:  
  1. Great leaders don’t have regrets about their past. They look forward and see their past as a tremendous learning experience. In their words, they couldn’t be where they are now without the mistakes they’ve made in the past.
  2. They have been able to adapt and pivot many times during their career. For both themselves and their organizations. They learned to fail and fast. Their performance is made of tests and experiments. And they’re ok with that.
  3. No matter how confident and good they are, their success hasn’t been much a result of their individual contribution. Instead of being lone rangers, they learned that success is proportionate to the quality and support received by their team.
  4. They don’t complain about the circumstances around them. They’re the ones who need to make the best out of the situation, accept it, embrace it, and change it. They never act as victims. When they see a new challenge, they get excited. Not bogged down.
  5. They’ve spent a lot of time understanding themselves. What they’re good at and what they’re passionate about. Their life has been a journey of discoveries, reflections, and self-awareness moments. They used them to get clear about their future.
  For many people, having a podcast is a waste of time. It has been a wonderful exploration of other people’s worlds. It’s fulfilling. It’s enriching. I’m grateful for the opportunity I had to interview amazing people and I look forward to learning even more in 2023.   Question: What leader – in your company/network – should I interview? Write a reply and let me know. Listen to the podcast related to this article:…om-great-leaders/
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