The five dimensions of world-class leadership

If you know where you are in your leadership development journey, everything gets easier. But how do you know with preciseness? Perhaps you are looking to improve yourself and to be better at what you do. Or perhaps, you have mastered the necessary skills, habits, and virtues that have made you an excellent leader. Either way, re-examining yourself by understanding the characteristics of a great leader would definitely help you to be able to use your life more to create impact and elicit change in your community and in the lives of other people. To propel yourself into a class of leaders that are influential and impactful, we uncover the five dimensions of world-class leadership in this episode of The World-Class Leaders Show: In context, the five dimensions of world-class leadership are part of one of the preliminary assessments I do with leaders. They are part of what is called the World Class Leadership Indicator which is essentially an innovative and fact-based assessment that we developed internally to help management executives understand where they are in their leadership development journey, and where they shall focus more their attention in the future if they really want to get better. What are the five dimensions of world-class leadership? Let’s dive right in. First, is Clarity. This dimension explores your visions as a leader—for yourself and for your business. Questions like, “what is your WHY” is an example. This is incredibly important because to be able to answer your WHY in life provides you an opportunity to be laser-focused and thus gives you clarity with your vision. It also allows you to deeply examine yourself and reflect on your strengths and weaknesses. Second dimension is Performance. This dimension does not only talk about results but also covers passion and productivity. It also equates to intrinsic motivation, where an individual is not motivated by fame, money, and success but is prompted by a personal internal drive that springs from something deeper. It is related to the passion you have, the curiosity you have, and the willingness to learn every single day. In addition, this dimension also touches on having a high level of energy, a strong sense of urgency, and excruciatingly clear focus. The third dimension is Presence. Leadership presence means showing up consistently in front of our organization, in front of our people—making our warmth, compassion, and authenticity be felt by others. It is being able to relate to others and to connect with them. Presence also includes being open to feedback to be able to improve and be better at what we do. I also highlighted in this dimension that presence involves taking full responsibility for our own actions, no matter the circumstances.  In the fourth dimension, I talk about Influence. Communication is the key element of this dimension because as leaders, when we are genuinely concerned about other people, we listen, we engage, we connect, and we relate with others. When we talk about listening, it’s listening for the sake of helping and generally being interested in other people. The more we listen, the more that actually we learn. And in the bigger scheme of things, when we genuinely listen and connect with others, we get to inspire them to be on board with our vision which results in a win-win scenario for everyone. The last, but not the least dimension is Relationship. An African proverb that I remember states, “If you want to go fast, then go alone. But if you want to go far, go together.” This is strikingly true because leadership and business is about people. No one can succeed without the support of others. And in that regard, not just the support of others, but the collaboration and the community of working together to build a life-changing business model that would benefit all the members of the team. Relationship is not just about tapping one’s network when in need, but deeply connecting with others to foster lifetime bonds.    In conclusion, the key is that if we really understand where we are, it will be much easier to understand what we need to develop or improve in order to get there.  So, this is the reason why we internally developed these assessments which is the World Class Leadership Indicator. If you want to take the World Class Leadership Indicator, head over to the free assessment at: I appreciate you tuning in to this episode of The World-Class Leaders Show. Show me some love by heading over to your favorite podcast player, subscribe to the show, and leave a rating and review. Help me spread the word by sharing your favorite episodes on social media.
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