The Gap to Impossible Results

“What do we need to get extraordinary results in our business?” This is a question that many leaders ask themselves, or they may ask the executive team.

Fundamentally, the majority of organizations don’t get extraordinary results. They don’t play big enough.

What they do instead is to design a future based on what looks possible in the moment they create it. In other words, they build a predictable future made of incremental improvements starting from the current situation.

How Bold Leaders Think

Bold leaders are those who are willing to take a risk and think about building a future that may not be possible right now. They don’t care about their business’s current constraints and limitations, the money, the financial budget for different initiatives, customers, or even enough resources.

Instead, they start thinking and figuring out a completely different future for their organizations. It might look impossible, but they don’t care. They shape their own future.

As a result, they immediately think about what is missing. They think about the gap in order to get there.

They consider some of their current situations to some extent, but they don’t see this as a limitation. What they see is an incredible opportunity, and they start working on what is missing.

“Bold Leaders think about the future as an opportunity, not as a constraint.”

Leaders focus on strategic planning for incremental results. Bold Leaders focus on creating a new future from scratch to get extraordinary results.

So, be one of the bold visioners who think about a completely different future for themselves and the organizations. It’s challenging, risky, and uncomfortable, but that’s really what great leaders do.

They focus on filling the gap, and they also help their own team to think more strategically without considering all the limitations they have in the current business.

Why YOU Should Think Differently

Think differently about the future because you can shape the future. You can build the future you want.

Many organizations have been able to do it, and they did it because they thought entirely differently about the future without getting stuck in a current problem or challenges they are facing right now.

So I hope you’ll be thinking more carefully about this because you have a great opportunity and think about what is missing to get incredible results because it’s possible.

I have seen many times with my clients.

But you must be willing to get really uncomfortable. But that’s leadership, isn’t it? 


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