The Human Side of Digital Transformation with William Ruh, Former CEO of Lendlease Digital and GE Digital

Digital transformation and culture are intimately connected.

Although most of the leaders involved in these initiatives struggle to connect the dots.

In my latest conversation with William Ruh – former CEO of Lendlease Digital and GE Digital – we discussed deeply the power of culture for transforming organizations.

Deciphering Challenges

William (Bill) Ruh strongly suggests talking directly with frontline workers, praising the valuable insights gained from their honest opinions. This hands-on approach helps leaders make good decisions and understand the organization better.

Changing Culture from Within

At the heart of Bill’s leadership style is the idea of changing the organization’s culture from within. He talks about creating a culture where everyone takes part, instead of just following orders. His focus on getting everyone involved marks a big change in leadership.

Putting Employees First

In a different approach, he says we should prioritize employee well-being for success. He explains how happy employees lead to happy customers, which helps the organization grow.

Dealing with Leadership Challenges

Recognizing the difficulties of leadership, Bill stresses the importance of getting advice from trusted mentors or coaches. Seeking help shows humility and self-awareness, important qualities for leaders.

Taking Smart Risks

Bill advises taking calculated risks. Being flexible and taking advantage of opportunities is important in uncertain times. He urges leaders to be brave and make bold moves when needed.

Learning from Experience

Finally, Bill believes in learning from past experiences through reflection. By looking back at what happened and thinking about it, people can figure out how to do better in the future.

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