The importance of You

If you want to build a successful business, company branding is absolutely important.

If you are dealing with corporate clients, they expect that behind you there is a firm able to deliver and meet your promises.

But here’s the thing. You are more important than your company because you come first.

You are the best story.

Clients love stories. They are truly intrigued and engaged by personal stories. They love to hear how you built your profile, your experience, your business.

They want to know why your business matters, why you are different, why you are better than your competitors.

There is another plus. If you just started and don’t have yet testimonials, your personal story before launching the business is your best entry door. Most likely, you faced and solved your target market’s problems when you were working for someone else.

You are the reason why they buy from you.

As much as you want to put your company brand in the market, when clients talk about your business, they really talk about you.

Not because they forgot your company name, but because they like you and working with you.

We live in a relationship business, so you have the power. You help your clients, you work along with them for weeks or months, you bring results. Your company is the vehicle that allows you to deliver and them to buy your services.

What does all this tell you?

You need to personalize your business and don’t hide behind your company brand or name. Think about how you can apply this to your marketing.

And…you need to protect your status. You are the prize. Make sure you don’t erode your status just to please others.

If you stand out and tell stories, you will build trust quicker and get better results.

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