021: The Power of Clarity with Ann Latham

Increasing clarity in communication is one of the most-needed improvements that a leader can make. When a CEO or senior executive makes a vague request, and his team does not ask clarifying questions, it can lead to misaligned expectations and unfortunate consequences.

On my World Class Leaders Show podcast, I recently hosted Ann Latham, founder of the U.S. based consulting organization, Uncommon Clarity. Ann is the author of several highly-regarded books, including her most recent, “The Power of Clarity.” Ann is an in-demand speaker and guest lecturer, whose global clients range across 40 different industries.

In this podcast episode, we discuss why clarity is missing in the current business environment, and what leaders can do to develop their skills further.

Listening to this episode will offer the following highlights:

  1. Effective ways of dealing with an overloaded to-do list.
  2. What is the most important question to ask during a business interaction?
  3. Five key steps leaders can take to improve clarity

To learn more about Ann Latham’s work, you can go to: https://power-of-clarity.com/

Or visit her website at: https://annlatham.com/

Read the article related to this podcast: https://www.andreapetrone.com/the-power-of-clarity-article/

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